Introducing our Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers


In the beginning.....

Our involvement with Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers began way back in

1979 with the arrival of Shane (Keridown Foinavon).

Three years later in 1982, Sindy (Keridown Connemara) joined us.

And then in 1984 our first litter was born, with the Kirktonhill Affix

 being granted by The Kennel Club in 1985.

In June1987 we became a 3-dog family with the addition of our

homebred boy Dexter (Kirktonhill Jeremy Fisher).


And so to the 90's.....

Skye (Willsbridge Wooleyfoot at Kirktonhill) joined us in 1990, from

the Willsbridge Kennels in Bristol, and then in 1993 we kept Storm

(Kirktonhill Don't Look Back) from Skye's one and only litter.....making

 us a 4-dog family!


Moving forward to the 21st century.....

We currently still share our home with 4 Wheatens..........

Darcey (Amberstar Good Day Sunshine to Kirktonhill) who joined us in

1999 from the Amberstar Kennels in Wiltshire - her son Bosley

(Kirktonhill Just One Look) - aptly named as he was the only pup in the

litter - Bosley's younger half-sister Tali (Kirktonhill No Matter What) 

- and last but by no means least Tali's daughter Gigha (Kirktonhill What

I Believe) - who was born in 2013.



 We don't have puppies available very often, but when we do they are all

 Kennel Club registered - we are members of The Soft Coated Wheaten

Terrier Club of GB and The Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme and

carry out all  recommended  health tests.


Pups are wormed, blood tested for renal function and eye tested for MRD

before going to their new homes at approximately 8 weeks of age.

All of our pups are all sold with a Sales Contract and have the Kennel

Club endorsement "Progeny Not Eligible For Registration" placed on

their pedigree (on occasion this may be lifted - but only subject to

satisfactory results for all recommended health checks) because we

strongly believe that anyone who undertakes to breed a litter of Soft

Coated Wheaten Terriers should do so only with a full understanding

of the responsibility and commitment that they hold to both future

owners, and indeed to the future health, of this wonderful breed as a